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Democratize Bioinformatics


“The Wikipedia Foundation for Bioinformatics”

Our Mission

Remove barriers of entry for

Non-Coding Scientists

NGS Data
Too large & complicated for most scientists to analyze
Require expensive computing resources and coding skills
Bioinformatics Tools
For beginners are scarce, and no-code tools are nonexistent
Improve reproducibility for


Most data and pipelines end up in siloed local environments
Efforts are often repetitive and not repurposed
Data from external sources are not standardized, making analyses difficult to reproduce
Create standards for

Community Collaboration

Format harmonization for pipelines and datasets
Canonical pipelines and richly-phenotyped reference cohorts
Data quality scoring
We need your help.
How to contribute
Share pipelines & datasets
Nominate & vote for new features
Review pipelines, datasets, & features
Create educational content
Make a charitable donation
And more!

Try the Aladdin Bioinformatics Platform Today

No Coding Skills Necessary
Our intuitive user interface simplifies the workflow from FASTQ files to results to just a few clicks. Absolutely no coding required. If you can browse the web, you can do it.
No computing resources required
There is no need to purchase or wait for computing resources to process your data. Get results back in hours, not weeks or months.
Open-source pipelines & repositories
You can see the source code of all Aladdin and most other pipelines on the platform. No black boxes! Pipelines are contributed and reviewed by the scientific community.